Many parents today are confused about what to say to teens about marijuana when they learn about the Compassionate Care Act. This video can offer you some practical answers that can keep the conversation going about this often statement from teens, “if marijuana is going to be legal what’s so bad about it?.”

What Should Parents Say to Their Kids About Medical Marijuana?

As a parent, you worry about your teen. How do you know if your teen is stressed out in school? Is he/she using drugs? Is he/she being bullied? Are they sexually active?

You’ve got questions that you don’t know how to ask your teen. We’ve Got Answers.

Parent Conversation Circles are a safe place to connect with others and strengthen our Naperville Area Community to enjoy the benefits of shared parenting. You'll engage with ParentsMatterToo resources and gain confidence in knowing where to turn for parenting answers.

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ParentsMatterToo is dedicated to building a network of connected parents/guardians by providing educational parenting resources, conversation circles and speaker events. Our goal is to empower parents with expert knowledge to challenge our children’s choices about social issues, drugs and alcohol to ultimately strengthen the fabric of our families and community in a non-judgmental environment.

We believe in empowering influential parents and resilient kids. Our program offers:

1-     Interactive Website.  Parents can Ask an Expert’ anonymous questions, receive answers from local professionals and find links to the most trusted national experts.

2-    Conversation Circles. Small groups guided by volunteer facilitators are held throughout the community covering a broad range of  parenting topics. Parents have the opportunity to connect with each other, share life experiences and discuss parenting  for parents to share life experiences, discuss parenting challenges in a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment.

3-    Speaker Events. Current speaker events featuring local and national  parenting experts on a wide range of parenting topics.


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