Setting and holding realistically attainable expectations for our teens is imperative in helping them reach the stage of self-actualization, when they truly become their own, unique, self-reliant and confident individual. Complementing this with co-curricular activities, such as music, athletics, service, and club activities additionally serves to increase the likelihood for success. Yet as all of this progress and growth are taking place, we need to balance that with time for self-care, rejuvenation and relaxation. The potential for an increased presence of depressive thinking or high anxiety is created when a diligent effort to ward off overscheduling is balanced with responsible downtime.

How Can Parents hold Kids to Appropriate Expectations without Causing Undue Stress?

As a parent, you worry about your teen. How do you know if your teen is stressed out in school? Is he/she using drugs? Is he/she being bullied? Are they sexually active?

You’ve got questions that you don’t know how to ask your teen. We’ve Got Answers.

Parent Conversation Circles are a safe place to connect with others and strengthen our Naperville Area Community to enjoy the benefits of shared parenting. You'll engage with ParentsMatterToo resources and gain confidence in knowing where to turn for parenting answers.

Conversation Circles

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ParentsMatterToo is a network of connected parents committed to providing nonjudgmental opportunities to share struggles, provide support, and ultimately strengthen the fabric of our families and community.

We believe in building resilient kids and families who say NO to destructive behaviors and YES to endless possibilities.This program offers parents a safe environment to discuss at-risk situations and be strengthened to challenge our children’s choices about social issues, drugs and alcohol. We do that through:

1-    This Interactive Website, with answers from local professionals and links to the most trusted national experts. This knowledge empowers parents to be the strong positive influence their children need.

2-    Conversation Circles, guided small groups, held throughout the community. Conversation Circles are opportunities for parents to share life experiences, discuss parenting situations, and gain knowledge and support.

3-    Speakers providing expert information to help parents become knowledgeable and influential, gaining skills they need to effectively challenge our children’s choices.


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