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What Are College Recovery Programs?


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Collegiate Recovery Programs

• Approximately 20 Collleges in the Nation have On Campus Recovery Programs
• Listing of schools can be found at and is published by the Association of Recovery Schools

What you should look for in a collegiate recovery program:

• On Campus Recovery Programs should be well established with a dedicated dormitory on campus for students in recovery
• On Campus Recovery Programs should offer support services such as addiction counseling, 12 step Meetings and Sober Events
• A Sober Community on campus with Sober Fun is key!
• Access to Young People’s AA meetings in the town where the college is located is a huge plus

Sober Dormitory vs On Campus Recovery Program:

What is a sober dorm?
• Sober Dorms are not on campus recovery programs
• Sober dorms require an oath by the student to not use drugs or alcohol in the dorm
• Students living in a sober dorm are not necessarily in recovery.
• Sober dorms do not offer support services for students in recovery

Benefits of a Collegiate Recovery Program:
• On Campus Recovery Programs DO offer the critical support services and community for the student in recovery
• Living with other students in a collegiate recovery setting will offer the sober community your student needs to navigate the college path successfully

Augsburg College and the Step-up Program:

• Augsburg College is a private, four year, liberal arts college in the heart of Minneapolis
• Augsburg has had an On Campus Recovery Program for 16 years.
• The recovery program at Augsburg is called the Step-up Program
• The Step up Program offers students in recovery a dedicated recovery dormitory that is state of the art
• The Step up Program is a community of accountability and support for the student in recovery
• Visit their website at for information on Augsburg College
• Visit the website for information on the Step-up Program at Augsburg
• Excellent article online by Recovery Campus highlighting Augsburg’s Step-up Program can be found at

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