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David Sheff Talks Addiction in Naperville –NCTV17,  1/27/2017

ParentsMatterToo Presents Father’s Journey Through Son’s Addiction – Positively Naperville, 1/23/2017

Father, Writer to Share About Addiction in Three Suburbs – The Daily Herald, 1/13/2017

Neuqua Principal, Naperville Nonprofit Receive Building Bridges Award – The Daily Herald, 10/11/2016

Recovering Heroin Addicts Share Their Stories in Naperville –ABC 7 Chicago Eyewitness News, 6/14/2016

New On-line Videos Aim to Educate Parents about Heroin – The Naperville Sun, 6/14/2016

Blocking the Path to Addiction – NCTV17,  6/17/2016

How Prescriptions Lead to Heroin Addiction: Naperville Videos Explain – The Daily Herald, 6/15/2016

The Accidental Road to Addiction – NCTV17, 6/20/2016

Video Series to Help Parents Understand and Help Prevent Heroin Uptick in Naperville –Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, 6/23/2016

Heroin Help Program Continuing Connections in Naperville – The Daily Herald, 4/6/2016

Naperville Police – Connect for Life Program

Practice the “Seven C’s” when Parenting Teens, Expert Advises – The Naperville Sun, 1/10/2016

Naperville Parents Learn to Promote Resilience in Teens – The Daily Herald, 1/10/2016

Teen Resilience – The Antidote: Seven Keys to Reducing Drugs, Sex & Violence – NCTV17, 1/8/2016

Suburban Campaigns Aim to Curb Prescription Drug Overdoses – The Daily Herald, 11/18/2015

 Accidental Drug Dealer – NCTV17, 11/6/2015

Naperville Campaign Targets Prescription Drug Abuse – The Naperville Sun, 11/6/2015

November is ‘Don’t Be An Accidental Drug Dealer Month’ in Naperville,  Rally Nov. 14 – Positively Naperville, 10/29/2015

Naperville Forum Examines ‘What’s Behind’ Heroin Epidemic – The Daily Herald, 1/28/15

Parent Resources

How to Protect Your Kids

Rules don’t alienate kids; they make children feel loved and secure – and help keep them healthy and safe. So set limits, monitor their whereabouts, and get to get to know their friends. And be sure to safeguard your medicines!

Is Your Teen Using Your Prescription To Get High?

Drug Free America Parent Toolkit

Preventing Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription Drug Guide

Four Things You Can Do to Prevent Overdoses – White House Recommendations

Alcohol Fact Sheet for Parents

The 20 Minute Guide

Who Can Help My Teen?

Know Say Do Flyer

ParentsMatterToo Resource Guide


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